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Reached a career crossroads and unsure which path to take?

Struggling to be as effective and successful in work as you'd like?

Feeling that there is something 'more' you could do in your life but unsure what that is or how to get there?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you're in the right place! 

We can all get a bit stuck from time to time, trying to navigate ourselves through the changes life throws at us and the complexity of modern day living. Coaching is a powerful process that unlocks new perspectives, helping you find clarity and the confidence to transform your life.

Save yourself a whole heap of stress, time and money by choosing to work with Award Winning Author and Career Coach Rhian Sherrington. Together you'll create the vibrant new future that is waiting for you!

"Being faced with the reality of redundancy after 25 years in the same organisation, I am hugely glad I found Rhian.   I had been feeling very anxious and unfocused, no focus or plan of action.  Working with her has provided clarity of direction, renewed confidence, better peace of mind, and above all – more courage!  Thank you Rhian for entering into my life just at the right time."  

Debbie Qualye

With the combination of Rhian's expertise and your inner wisdom, working with Rhian will give you the clarity, confidence and motivation for you to go out and create the career path and lifestyle you deserve today.

Why keep struggling away on your own when you can enjoy the learning, experience and accumulated wisdom Rhian's programmes and private coaching can provide, saving you time and effort so you can enjoy real results, fast!

Take your first step today  - we're here to help you make it happen!

Expected Benefits & Positive Outcomes 

  • Discover your vision and enjoy clarity of purpose
  • Create a deep trust in yourself and in your decision making
  • Adopt easy techniques to manage the stress in your life
  • Renewed motivation, inspiration and energy
  • Enhanced confidence, courage and charisma
  • Focused action to achieve your goals

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Success Stories

"It's been liberating, inspiring. My confidence has grown so much and I'm loving the sense of purpose, clarity and focus I know feel. Time and money so very well spent! Thanks Rhian  "
-- Sarah S
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