‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ by NEF – still useful 5 years on

5 Ways to Well Being” – Brilliant postcards – grab a free one here!5 ways to well being part 1

In 2008 Foresight’s Mental Capital and Wellbeing Project examined state-of-the-art research from across the world to consider how to improve everyone’s mental capital and mental well being through life.

The evidence suggests that a small improvement in wellbeing can help decrease some mental health problems and also help people to flourish ..

The weighty report was condensed into a series of postcards of fabulous, bite-sized information by the New Economics Foundation called ‘5 ways to wellbeing'; a set of evidence-based actions to improve personal wellbeing.

Despite being 5 years old, with significant advances being made in how we view flourishing, I still love these cards and have stuck them up in office kitchens, posted to friends and regularly re-read mine where I’ve popped it above my computer. You can purchase a set directly from NEF here

or if you drop me an email, claiming your freebie ones until my supplies run dry –  rhian@choose2flourish.co.uk