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Rhian has spent the past two decades carving a path that follows her heart-centred values and passions – and she can empower you to do the same.

Rhian Sherrington head shot low resStaying confused, stuck or frustrated is not an option when Rhian intuitively tunes into your needs and challenges, nurturing you into the extraordinary life you were meant to lead. Rhian fully understands what it takes for people to change their thoughts, beliefs and behaviour so that they fulfil and grow a person, rather than limiting them and keep them playing small.

An author, vibrant speaker and learning facilitator, Rhian is available as a keynote speaker and offers talks around confidence, resilience and flourishing through change, using the neuroscience and positive psychology gathered together in her award winning book ‘Alchemy for Your Mind: Create Your Confident Core’, available on Amazon, Kindle, iTunes, Nook and Kobo platforms and her Amazon best-seller, 'Choose to Flourish: How to change Career and Thrive in Life', also available on Amazon.

The sudden and traumatic death of her brother in law brought new clarity to Rhian’s purpose in life, leading her to fully recognise her natural gifts of deep listening and perceptive questioning. Re-training as a Executive & Career Coach, Rhian established Choose2Flourish so that she could bring that perceptiveness and experience to professionals seeking their confidence and courage to flourish, rather than stagnant and ‘make do’.

Her passion to enable values-led professionals and organisations to maximise their impact alongside thriving in their often pressured and demanding careers, led Rhian to set up 'Women in Sustainability', the network for professional women creating positive change for a sustainable future. To find out about the networks events around the UK and online support, click here.

You may have come to these pages after a life-changing event in your life, such as divorce, bereavement or redundancy.

Perhaps you’ve awoken to the need in yourself to change the direction you are heading in and find more passion and purpose in your life,

You may be struggling to manage all the stress and demands being made on you, want to finally overcome the lack of confidence and self belief that has been holding you back or want to really step up into 'being' who you really are.

Whatever has brought you here, Rhian can help you realise the bigger, better life that is calling you.

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Alongside her husband and their respective families, Rhian helped convert an old office block into their eco-home on an multi-award winning self build community. Raising their two lovely children keeps her grounded and appreciative of the simple joy to be found in family walks, cycles and picnics. In her younger days, she led expeditions to Ecuador, explored North East Greenland and the Karakoram Mountains of Northern Pakistan. Her love of applying new learning, developed from her student days at Oxford University, led to Masters and Diploma qualifications that have furthered her interests and career. Starting the day with Qi Gong or a run, ending it with a hosting a meal for friends is her idea of the perfect day.

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"I found Rhian very perceptive and the questions she asked really got me thinking"
-- Liz S
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