Success Stories

"Rhian has really helped me make the daunting transition from being a deputy Head to a Head. The challenges have been enormous and Rhian has given me the tools to take on these new challenges and reflect on my life work balance. She has been a wonderful sounding board, and a great support. She is calm, professional, an excellent listener, an insightful spirit and a great enabler."  Jess Miles


"When I approached Rhian I was trapped by limiting beliefs and low Suzi2confidence in myself and my ability after a knock in my personal and professional life. This was making me feel very low and incapable of having any vision or motivation for my business, which affected all areas of my life.

As a result of the coaching, I found freedom to be who I am meant to be, hope for the future and excitement for the journey ahead in my work and marriage. This has unleashed a whole creative freedom that had been locked in me and my business is really taking off as a result. People noticed a real joy about me that had got lost. Now I have tools to calm myself and give space to freedom whenever I feel things creeping back. I genuinely believe that Rhian changed my life significantly at a time where I had lost hope.

Suzi Hull,

"Before I worked with Rhian I was having real problems accessing and being the creative person I wanted to be. I felt stuck and was also struggling to make steps towards a more sustainable work/ life balance. This was really apparent in my work where I was spending a lot of time and energy being ineffective, making me feel that I was constantly fire fighting my life. The final straw came when I realised that other people around me had sought help, that I didn’t have to struggle on my own, going round and round in circles.

Rhian’s warm, pragmatic approach, with her accessible process and everyday applications allowed me to see what ‘mind work ‘I needed to do in order to change and move forwards. I was used to knowing how I needed to be aware of my body but what changed everything was having the practical tools to change my thinking. Her use of creative and visual tools especially helped unblock unhelpful ways of thinking I had gotten used to. I loved the ‘inspiration wall’ especially.

Now I can recognise my limits, know I can get things done and keep my life in balance.  I have become far more aware of my needs and how to express them across many areas of my life, not just for my career. Being aware of and knowing how to manage my internal critic is so helpful and I feel confident moving forwards that it is me who is shaping my life. I am finally allowing myself to truly be ‘me’".  Lauren

Jackie Greenwoord"My sessions with Rhian have helped me focus right in on a specific goal that I’ve wanted to achieve for some time - putting a new band together.  The sessions have really helped me get back on track. I’m setting up a new jazz jam / workshop session which is very exciting.  I’ve requested a reduction in hours in my job in order to put more time and energy into personal practice time as well as some additional instrumental teaching.  I’ve also just updated my website and am planning to increase my instrumental lesson fee, both of which have been overdue for years!  All these things have been put into motion as a result of my sessions with Rhian and are steps towards taking my music more seriously and ultimately achieving my goal of forming a new band.  Thanks Rhian! "

 Jackie Greenwood

"I approached Rhian when contemplating a change in direction in my career. I had lost my confidence somewhat and it felt like a long time since I had been through a competitive appointment procedure. On top of that I had particular anxieties about work life balance which I felt had recently got out of control and I was keen to resolve.

Rhian very quickly tuned in to the essentials of my dilemma and helped me to identify not only the practicalities of how I could prepare for a fairly rigorous assessment for my prospective new job, but also where my life had become unbalanced since the birth of my daughter. I was expecting her to help to pin down and 'tame' my anxieties about the recruitment process, which she did with exemplary precision and lots of friendly tact - but I was amazed at how quickly she understood the emotional baggage that I was bringing to these career decisions. In just one session she supported me in making a workable plan to prepare for my assessment and also directed me to look hard at the ideas that had previously been holding me back.

I have no question that without my discussion with Rhian I would have been far less well prepared for my recruitment assessment and interviews and in a far poorer emotional place during this key time in the recruitment process. I was ultimately offered the job in question and no small part of this was due to the positive boost and practical help I got from my time spent with Rhian. I cannot recommend her more highly".  Nicola Tasker, Architect

“I repeatedly put off the decision to venture in to Personal Training, despite being qualified and immensely keen. I was scared of failure and could not take the big step into setting up my own business. Rhian helped me find the courage to follow my dream, and showed me that I have the practical skills to achieve my goals, skills I never knew I had and that I can use again and again as I develop my new venture. I’m so grateful for all her help! “  Pru Comben, Personal Trainer

"The coaching with Rhian has been a life changing experience which has helped me recognise not only all the things that I have already achieved in my life, but through increased self belief, how much spiritual joy, freedom and fulfilment I will feel as I continue on my journey, creating the life that I have been dreaming all my life"  Annabel Preston 

I did it

"To be honest I didn’t know much about life coaching when I started but was at a point in my life when I was happy to give it a go and I’m really glad I did. I thought I would mainly focus on my career but in fact the focus became my relationship with my husband. It really helped me focus on the positive rather than dwell on the negative and as a result we are so much happier.

I found Rhian very perceptive and the questions she asked really got me thinking. I now feel that I have a better understanding of the type of person I am. I found the coaching helped me to have far more self-belief. Rhian encouraged me to practice positive visualisation through a very stressful episode in my life and I feel that this helped me achieve what I desperately wanted. Thank you Rhian, you are a great coach."  Liz S

"The coaching with Rhian has really helped me to explore and recognise what is most important to me in my life, and how the little steps and actions I take now will help me work towards my end goals, rather than seeing them as impossible to achieve. Rhian's patience, relaxed nature and ease to talk make her great in her role, and I have gained so much from my sessions with her. Those closest to me have really noted a positive difference in my attitude towards life. Thank you for all that you have done for me."  Helen Rees

"I found the coaching with Rhian both challenging and helpful immediately following my decision to leave my job. The coaching was particularly useful in helping me define the balance of my time and priorities and some immediate actions to work out what to do next and it has left me with a good foundation to continue to develop my ideas.  I appreciate Rhian’s efforts. She was professional and thought-provoking in all the sessions.  I would recommend her."  John Toy

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Success Stories

"I found Rhian very perceptive and the questions she asked really got me thinking"
-- Liz S
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