Successful people know where they are going


A Flourishing Path

A Flourishing Path

How we define success is very personal. There are many, many books out there that will tell you all about the various strategies, steps and tools. Some will ring true for you and others will leave you wondering if everyone is off on another planet.

Personally, I define success as having a rounded and grounded perspective on a life lived with purpose and meaning; being able to use my strengths to accomplish things of value and importance to me, combined with a capacity to feel and give joy and gratitude. Well, that is what it feels like to me right now – I’ll probably come up with slightly different words tomorrow – but the essence will be the same.

In a nutshell, it’s about fully knowing the ‘why’s’ behind your decisions on what to focus on, and being sufficiently self aware and tuned in to others, to both self manage, and to manage with compassion, your impact on others.

To expand on that a little.

Successful people know where they are going. In all likelihood they;

* creatively use their strengths to thrive at work, at home;

* are open to new possibilities;

* enjoy excellent relationships with others;

* have learnt how to manage daily stresses;

* are self aware and know how to be authentically themselves; and

* invest time to reflect and grow.


I think age helps! A life lived through it’s natural transitions and stages brings wisdom for many. Whilst we’ve a long way to go before we venerate the ‘Third Age’ as much as the Chinese or Hindu culture’s, perhaps we are seeing a shift in attitude as the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation in this country heads out into their Third (and Fourth?) Age. There’s nothing quite like sharing your thoughts with an ‘elder’ to help put your current concerns into perspective.

However, if you’ve not quite got to that point of ‘wise old sage’ yet yourself, starting to prioritise a bit of ‘me-time’ to reflect, read and question is, I think, essential. Often that can get shoved to one side as our various roles make their multiple demands of us. There is a very good reason though, why the life jackets get put on the adults first and not the infants. You’ve got to sort yourself out before you can be of any use to others. Spending time alone can be really helpful in this regard, but so can meeting up with others who use a similar definition to ‘success’ as yourself.

Which is why I am delighted to be running a short course of ‘Choose 2 Flourish’ workshops in Bristol starting on 23rd May. We’re going to be using some great tools and models to broaden our thinking, develop our awareness and self management, and work on the stuff that matters to us. If you’re in Bristol, and this post has rung your bell, then click on the link below to get the full details.