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Giving Up The Old For The New


We all experience change whether we want to or not.  Regardless of our age or life experience, change is difficult.  It’s not that we don’t like change or want it, it’s that we would prefer for it to happen more easily and on our terms. Unfortunately, change often requires us to give up what’s old and familiar in order for something new and better to take its place.  Just like it is hard to throw away that favourite shirt or those comfy old shoes, we somehow manage to find new shirts and shoes to take their place.

It’s a strange paradigm.  On the one hand, we have this desire to build our lives around something secure, familiar and lasting.  And on the other hand, we are forever being forced to make life changes that keep us from becoming stagnant.

Giving up what previously defined our lives can be painful, but there is a new anticipation and maybe even excitement about building a new life or new identity.

So what is there, on the wings of your life, waiting to make an entrance, if you could just make the space to welcome in the new?