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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken

Behaviours of Confident People

Confidence is one of the most admired traits in people. But how can we recognise the behaviours associated with confidence so that we can learn to behave in these ways as well?shutterstock_148055588

Consider the following behaviours that can mark a confident person. A confident person…

  • Believes in their own abilities, talents and strengths, and is not paralyzed by doubts. They have assurance in their own beliefs and are not looking for the approval of others, knowing it’s not needed.
  • Knows they have much to offer the world, and respect the value they bring to life. They treat others well and expect the same in return. They are not hesitant to safeguard their own rights.
  • Is certain, yet realistic, about the goals they will accomplish. They believe in their plans, and failure is regarded as a temporary setback or challenge. A confident person is comfortable in taking on challenges and acting even in the face of risk.
  • Identifies themselves with other confident people. They celebrate others’ successes and relish in the realization of people’s inherent potential.
  • Dreams big and acts on those dreams. They can picture themselves as successful in whatever they do.
  • Accepts the recognition of others and does not diminish or deflect such recognition as if they believe it can’t possibly be warranted.
  • Accepts themselves as they are, yet are open to feedback that will help them become better.
  • Is open to new ideas and is willing to entertain them.


  • Is willing to accept mistakes.
  • Is always ready to do their best.


Confidence is like a muscle – it has to be exercised to get strong. It requires plenty of preparation and practice, and can be achieved by anyone who has a desire to be more confident in their lives!

How are you exercising your ‘confidence muscle’?