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Lack of self-awareness, and awareness of others, acts as a barrier to high performance in the workplace and in business.

Rhian Sherrington is accredited activator to deliver C-Me Colour Profiling that builds stronger teams, aids effective communication, and enhances team performance and productivity.

Gain invaluable insight to develop you, your team and your business.

C-Me Colour Profiling focuses on behaviour, because organisational development and performance is critically affected by:

  • the way people behave in response to colleagues;
  • the challenges that an organisation throws at them; and
  • effective communication.

The C-Me Profile focuses on identifying and creating an understanding of behavioural preferences rather than on personality per se. It is also far easier, and more effective, for people to accept the idea of modifying their behaviour rather than aspects of their personality. Individual reports are generated from a simple, online evaluation and subsequently discussed in an individual coaching session or as half or full day workshops.

For an exploratory discussion on how C-Me Colour Profiling can help develop flourishing, high performance teams within your organisation, please call 07875 812477 or use the contact form

Resilience & Well-Being: Flourishing Through ChangeResilience

Organisations that look after the happiness and well-being of their staff can enjoy higher engagement, better talent retention and recruitment as well as lower rates of sickness and absenteeism.

Combining her executive and career coaching experience with her insight and training skills, Rhian offers a variety of talks, training workshops and tailored coaching packages that enhance individual, and team ability to flourish through change, nurture resilience & well-being. Get in touch for a full list of training packages.

Supporting Gender Diversity in the Workplace Supporting Gender Diversity in Workplace

Low confidence has been identified by the Institute of Leadership & Management (2011) as a key barrier to women’s success at work.

Author of Award Wining Book, Alchemy for the Mind: Create Your Confident Core Rhian Sherrington offers workshops and talks on the importance of, and strategies for, building and nurturing self-confidence for career success. Previous feedback on such events includes:

“Excellent & very inspiring” Nicola Channing, RPS Planning & Development

“Very enjoyable, some really good ideas” Nicky Hobbs, Axa

“Fantastic speaker” Claire Annetts, KPMG

“Fantastic and engaging” Sarah Portch, Devon County Council

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